Mr. & Mrs. Sheridan

“Michelle and I were matched on eHarmony and had our first date on August 15, 2014.  We met at Rock Bottom in King of Prussia, PA.  I was always skeptical of meeting someone from an online dating site, because anyone can post fake pictures.   When I arrived at Rock Bottom, I called Michelle to let her know that I was there.  I saw a blonde woman in the distance and thought to myself,  “that would be awesome if that was Michelle.”  I saw that woman pick up her phone and knew we were off to a good start.  She was very laid back and confident during our first date, despite the fact that she had a cold and had to excuse herself from the table a few times to blow her nose.  We talked about our faith, our families, and our goals in life and I realized we were a perfect match.  The next day, I decided I wasn’t going to follow the unwritten rule of dating, “don’t call until 3 days after your first date”, and asked her to dinner the next day.  We had our first kiss on our second date.  Our third date was when I knew I had found someone special and decided to retire from the dating world and pursue Michelle more seriously.  Since then, each day has been better than the last as we have gotten to know each other more.  Her confidence, discipline, and commitment to her job, are just a few of the many things I admire about her.  I’m excited to start a life together with the perfect woman.”