There is LIGHT Through The Lens of StyleOgrapHER

The art of #StyleOgrapHER is understanding how the camera read colors that compliments your skin complexion to create a masterpiece of "toi" you.

The colors we put on our bodies in the morning have the potential to shape our entire day. Make them work in your favor by bringing out the light within you. In this shot, I wanted to create two dimensions, a contrast of light and dark. Knowing Helena Berggren's new book is titled: There is Light, and her role as the SunnySoul Coach™ is all about helping women and mothers step out of their internal darkness (low self-esteem, bouts of sadness, and loss of self) and into their light.

I want to parle to that, when you let yourself be YOU, the dark side is no longer dark, in fact it can be transformed and used to your advantage, it becomes part of your beauty. We must know happiness is a choice. The trials we are going through are part of the big picture, and a stepping stone to the radiant life. Now Helena is standing in between the light and the dark and it is still beautiful. I thank you #SunnySoulCoach for enable us to work with you!

Are the images what you envisioned?

I love the images! I wanted to use my images for social media and marketing and I really wanted them to portray stepping into your true self. The empowered, strong woman you are. The Sparkling, Sassy, and Strong! I went through years of low self-esteem, zero confidence, and identity crisis thanks to the emotional abusive relationship I was in for 8 years. Coming out of it and healing myself, I stepped into my true purpose as the SunnySoul Coach. Not only do I now feel extremely comfortable in my body but my heart and mind is at peace too and I think the images portrayed exactly that!!

Are Sparkling, Sassy, Strong a product of the book: “There is Light”? If so, how?

Not directly, but indirectly everything I do is aimed to bring people to a place where they live in self-love. “Sparkling, Sassy, Strong” is my 2018 promise and coaching tagline. That is exactly how I want women and mothers to feel after they have gone through the coaching program I offer to those suffering with low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and loss of self.

  • I want them to SPARKLE from the inside by letting their true light shine. This light comes from our Divinely connected soul and is one of the beauty of being alive.

  • I want them to feel SASSY no matter what their size is. Simply being a woman is sexy and sensual and I want them to truly step into that reality that there is a goddess living inside all of them and she is sexy AF!

  • I want them to feel STRONG being their authentic self. This is a place where we balance independence with vulnerability. Being strong doesn’t mean do everything yourself but rather allow yourself to be vulnerable when you are and allow yourself to be loved, just for being you. It is the most beautiful place to be.     


What was your Ah ha moment?

My aha-moment came in the deepest place of my darkness. Completely depleted of everything I once was. The abuse sucked the life out of me and in its absence God was able to step in and guide me out. He lit a flame inside of me that I have felt ever since. I was finally more afraid of staying stuck than stepping away from what was hurting me and into the future that I didn’t recognize. That was 3.5 years ago now and while the journey hasn’t always been easy, it has been the best and most rewarding journey of my life!  

It is a blessing to be able to use my own suffering and turn it into a teaching and mentoring tool for all my clients so that I can bring them through their own pain with empathy and a force of healing. Many different women with different emotional suffering affecting their lives cross my coaching path they always come out of it better and stronger. While all of my sessions are done with the utmost confidentiality I am able to share parts of their breakthroughs through their own words:  

  • So lovely and empowering! Somehow I knew even before working with Helena, that it would help me on my self-rediscovery journey... Helena has a wonderful presence and I am grateful that she has shared some of her own life's difficulties, making this experience feel intimate, simply as if you were spending time with a dear friend. Thank you, Helena, I really appreciate all the work that you have put into this program.    //Hanka


  • When I turned to Helena to get help, I felt very angry inside. I could feel how this anger hurt me and I didn't feel like myself. It was eating at me and I was unable to control it. I didn't even recognize myself anymore and I wasn't able to make good decisions. It felt like everything in my life circulated around this anger and the reason for it.  Helena helped me by using EFT to let go of the one thing that was making me so angry. In just 30 minutes I felt completely free. I have even tried to find this anger after the fact but I can't, it is simply not there anymore. Instead I feel this incredibly calmness about it all. I will forever be grateful for this!    //Anna


  • Before working with Helena I often felt very stressed and I always had this need to be the best, but I never trusted that I could do a good enough job. This pushed me into always feeling anxiety and anguish and I started to have a hard time coping with everyday life. On top of it, I was never able to have a good night's sleep and was constantly tired, which didn't make things better. After working with Helena I feel so much better. I am able to go to school and don't feel paralyzed by anxiety anymore. By working with Helena, I have gained so much knowledge about myself and can handle so much more these days. I am totally blown away by how much this has helped me, since I was such a skeptic to this and EFT working on me  at all! Plus, Helena has a great ability to make me feel comfortable through the process.  I am happy to say that I am now able to fall asleep and stay asleep all through the night without my mind spinning which has increased my energy level tremendously. I have also realized that I am able to face my emotions much better. I understand them better and now know what to do if some of them come creeping in. I feel so much more in control now!  // Anonymous HS Senior   

#StyleOgrapHER has truly been able to capture my journey in more ways than I ever imagined. In the beginning all I asked for was to portray Sparkling, Sassy, Strong but he took that into a whole other dimension. Being able to portray vulnerabilities and so called “flaws” into beauty and individuality. Colors to evoke emotions and perspective to see the dept of those emotions. There is a debt to these images that I never expected. I love them! Thank you #StyleOgrapHER for working with me on this project :) is has been an honor and a blessing!