COO. Amy T, The Future is Woman series

We had the pleasure to work with COO, Amy T from VeJovDesign, she is a business partner at this marketing firm in King of Prussia, PA. Amy wanted a non traditional headshot. We love clients that are open minded. Knowing our back in the fashion industry as a StyleOgrapher we coordinate the outfits by making a suggestions to Amy on what to wear. Why? Because fashion and photography always goes together. How we did it? By asking Amy to send you pictures of different outfits. We make it convenient on the client. Your wardrobe to a shoot must be perfect to reflect a great photoshoot series. We take this process very seriously.

The location was University of Pennsylvania, both of Amy’s parents went to UPENN. In fact, her father played football at UPENN. This is to say the campus did have a relationship with her. Amy inspired this series “The Future is Woman.” We have been thinking about it. The series is simple, we are on the quest to photograph any C levels and founder woman out there. If you need a non traditional headshot photoshoot do not hesitate to contact us today! I hope you enjoyed our Act I, Scene I series with Amy T!