Ben & Joe Musicians

I received a Facebook message from a good friend I met in the past year, a scientist currently residing in the west coast. The message was Ben and Joe will be in Philly performing and they need a photography our friend Dr. Adrienne Sutton put us together. The rest it just history this is what Ben wrote after the shoot. I am so thankful and very humble by those kind words of yours Ben. I felt the same about you my friend and It was a privilege to photograph you in your element. " 

Yesterday, we had an incredible time in Philly. We went to this crazy-awesome museum of mosaics, I've never seen anything like it in my life (while I've had iterations of it in my head for the Collab Garden). Then we did this photo shoot with a gem of a person! 

I posted this ask for photographers last week.  Adrienne Sutton proceeds to send me in the direction of this gentleman, Philadelphia Wedding Photographer. What happened next was something akin to fate. 

Not only an incredible photographer, but a man who has a crazy fashion sense, exceptional vision, and a deep, true, heart. Aside from the photography, we got into a profound conversation about service. How we invite and encourage people to participate in service projects. More particularly, the inherent capacity of children and youth towards serving their communities. Hence his book! 

#SuperheroesofService A book of stories, as well as a challenge of ways to provide service to those around you. Whether it's just letting someone have your seat, or holding a door open. How do we conceptualize our place in a world of others, and how can we help people, not just out of duty, or need, but because it's a better way to live, because it has honor, because it is natural for us to do so?

I plan on coordinating some kind of book launch in Seattle through The Hillman City CollaboratoryCommunity Arts Create, and Black & Tan Hall. In the meantime, ask yourself the question(s), How do I serve? 

It was a pleasure to meet you Toussaint Ulysse, and I expect our journey has just begun! 

Peace and Love