The Democratic National Convention, (DNC) In Philadelphia

By Wednesday morning the 45th president of United States will be determined.  Regardless of outcome, this historic election has led to the first female major party candidate.  Why is this moment so important to me? My grandmother, Madame Lenise Toussaint was born in 1915, five years before women were allowed to vote in this country.  That she will see in her lifetime, both women being granted the right to vote and very likely the first female president.  This is a lot of change for one lifetime.

If Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was elected should have become the 45th president. Now why the DNC instead of the RNC?  What does this mean for woman to finally break the glass ceiling? What took America so long? why 45?

We are putting together a coffee table book to share the story of what this moment means for our country through the eyes 45 women around the country.  We will interview and take portraits of 45 woman, from very different lifestyle, from inmate to the first lady to hear how this moment fits into their personal trajectory and life story.

Now here is where you come in. We need your help to nominate a remarkable woman you believe should be among the 45 to interview. Feel free to submit questions as well.

Now when the book is done a copy will be presented to the National Constitution Center, NCC in Philadelphia, the current Gov. of Pennsylvania and a copy to the White House. Let’s join this movement and be part of this history making project.

Lastly, we are happy to have the support of Former Chair of The DNC, Gov. Ed Rendell.

Photographers: Ulysse Toussaint, Beau Rosario and Justin Swallow from PhilaMedia.

Email: Info@ToussaintPhotography.Com