Mr. & Mrs. Mertz at The Ironstone Ranch

A question was posed to Andrew, "What do you like the most about Abbey, your new wife?"       A very simple answer, I was shocked and I expected a long answer but no, very simple: "I would say what I like most about Abbey, is that she completes me. Being with her is like how home is supposed to feel, love all the time!" -Mr. Andrew Mertz- Sometimes less is more!

Lastly, I want to thank Andrew and Abbey from the bottom of my heart for donating a cow to a family in Haiti through my 501(c)3 charity PHEEL Haiti. I told them about what I was doing at home and they called me back a month later, "Put us down for one cow." Providing a cow to a family in Haiti opens new doors to that family's future. This is what PHEEL Haiti calls sustainable service/investment, to quote President Aristide "investir dans l'humain." At the wedding Andrew's boss, Dale, heard about their generosity and he said "Make that two cows." Because of Mr. & Mrs. Mertz's gratitudes and kindness two families are about to change for the better and their kids will be able to go to school this fall. Way to go, everyone! LOVE IT! Many thanks to you and may God continue to bless this union! Join the movement #PHEELHaiti

We cannot close this chapter without saying a big thank you to the Ironstone Ranch

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