Congrats to Lauren & Bryant

I met this lovely couple at the Seaport Museum bridal show on January 4th. We talked about styling Bryant for his big day. We would to wait what Toussaint's style going to do with him. I hope you enjoy the pictures as mush as I do from Old City Philadelphia. But first how do they met? Everyone has a story correct? Well here is their story.

It was a true girl meets guy situation. We lived in the same neighborhood and saw each other once in a while in passing. We were finally introduced by a mutual friend; our friendship was immediate. We went from "you're so cool" to "I don't want to be without you". We both had children from  previous relationships. Having them meet we knew our bond would go beyond just the two of us. As our love continued to flourish we welcomed our son into the world. We were growing a family without truly being a family. Bryant decided that could no longer be. With a teddy bear, earring, necklace and ring jewelry boxes he got down on one knee and asked Lauren to be his wife. On June 4, 2016 in Negril, Jamaica the Diggins family will become official.