Meet Toussaint, the story teller

Your Wedding Day Is NOT A Dress Rehearsal

Unique services brought to you by award winning Photographer, model, wardrobe stylist, documentary filmmaker and Author, Toussaint, Ulysse

  1. Toussaint Photography offers free engagement sessions to enable couples to “audition” their service prior to booking.

  2. Through the lenses of Toussaint your photography journey is an “experience.”  As a part of that experience, we include wardrobe consulting and wardrobe styling, tailoring advice, plus assisting with colors palettes for your wedding theme. We do so by partnering with stores such as Thomas PINK, NordstromJ. Hillburn and more.

  3. Lastly, as a wardrobe stylist who works for LVMH/ Thomas PINK at King of Prussia Mall, I schedule appointments for my wedding clients there to go over the details as we develop a style for the man of the hour along with his best men.

  1. Why do we do this? As stated earlier your photography process is a frame in the big picture of creating the experience of your wedding. Life is all about creating an experience; life is a series of stories and those stories are basis of memories and the experiences we either created or be part of. We approach every job the same, with the passion of our first job and the experience of our last job. The celebration sparks the moment you click onto our site or after the referral. Book your event now and let the experience begin because "Your Wedding Day Is Not A Dress ReHERsal."

You may ask “What is a StyleOgrapher?”

What photography is to me...

Working With Gretchen Christine Rossi

Keep in mind we are not JUST a Photography house. We are not a wardrobe stylist house. We are a Styleographer house. The place where photography and fashion remain one entity to deliver images that are magazine and fine art worthy. That's all! 

Great photographs do not just happen, they begin with a vision, a plan, and strategy. Too many grooms are walking down the aisle looking sloppy while their brides look exceptionally beautiful. As a StyleOgrapher I provide the tools necessary to the groom and his wedding party to look picture ready for the camera. Why? Because your wedding is not a dress rehearsal.

January 2015 I had a conversation with David Quatresols, Regional Sales Executive for The Knot Magazine, he expressed even The Knot, as the world's largest wedding magazine do not have a unique service as this. He elaborated that the StyleOgraphy service offered by Toussaint Photography is so unique because a) it fills a void in the wedding industry, by paying attention to the groom. b) it simultaneously caterers to the brides as well. David expressed he could not think of another service where the bride and the groom are mutually engaged by design.   

How do we do it?

As a model and someone who has styled outfits for GQ and Glamour magazines fashion shows and even for Vice President Joe Biden for the inauguration night in 2008, I consider myself very fortunate, I have the skills, the experience to assist my grooms and wedding parties pull together outfits to frame the perfect picture you have envisioned.  Photography and fashion have always gone hand in hand.  StyleOgraphy marries the two to create a masterpiece out of your big day. As my client you are my star and your wedding, your headshot, your event deserves the attention ONLY we at Toussaint Photography can provide. I am not here to sell my clients a photography package and move on. When you book our service you are invited to live an experience while creating a memories together. “The beauty about creating memories is each we visit them they get better and better” -John C Maxwell- the end of the day our one goal is to create an experience

Photography is my life. The ability to freeze time and preserve it for a lifetime to tell a story is what life and memories are all about. We are known for the story we share, the story that we are told, or the story that we create. Every moment that I have a chance to be behind the lens, look through the viewfinder, and press that shutter, I am telling a story. That is what I enjoy the most, the ability to help bring out the best in people: their beauty and their stories. It all begins by listening to what the client is after.  I love destination weddings if you are planning one do not hesitate to book Toussaint Photography.


Toussaint's Bio

Photographer, Author, Documentary Filmmaker, and Fashion Consultant

“It is not what we have in life that matters, rather the passions and the heart we pour out into what we do in turn confirms who we are. Being an Artist and Philanthropist is part of my DNA. We are known for the stories we share, the stories we are told, and the stories we create.”

As an international award-winning photographer, Toussaint combines his passion for photography with a global minded-awareness by using his gifts to redefine “service.” His talent for capturing beauty through photography shows in his work in the wedding and fashion industry as well as portraits, events and magazine publications..

As a Renaissance man, Toussaint brought together his love for fashion and photography to create the “StyleOgrapher” experience, enabling him to dress up and photograph his client all under one roof. This has been transformative for headshots, wedding parties as well as family portraits to achieve a signature, cohesive look which truly pops on camera. Toussaint’s love affair with fashion led him to be an ambassador for Louis Vuitton, Moet & Hennessy, (LVMH), which has enabled him to work directly with GQ and Glamour magazines as a photographer and wardrobe stylist. Therefore, he is no stranger in wardrobe selection for celebrities such as Vice President Joe Biden for 2008 Inauguration night, American Idol Finalist Justin Guarini for the final performance, Bravo TV personality Gretchen Rossi and Top Chef season seven winner Kevin Sbraga, to name a few. Toussaint also hosts fashion workshops at local high schools and colleges to educate today’s youth on how to make the right first impression with their clothing choices.

Last year Toussaint released his first children’s book Superheroes of Service: an Immigrant Story in a special United Way sponsored event during MLK Day of Service and featured on ABC27 News of Harrisburg, PA. Since then, the book has been featured during World Read Aloud Day author readings in elementary schools.

Toussaint is producing and directing a documentary film commissioned by Edward G. Rendell, former Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).  The upcoming film, titled Ayiti, the 12th Hour, focuses on the educational system in his homeland country of Haiti.

Toussaint graduated from Messiah College with a double major in French and Communications.  He spent a significant part of his bachelor’s program in France studying Les Beaux Arts, Photography, and Political Science at Institut d'études Politiques de Strasbourg and Marc Bloch University. Toussaint later earned masterate certificates in Economics and Global Health from MITx and Harvardx, respectively.