An Evening Of StyleOgrapher Workshop Over Scotch/Gin with Toussaint


To All Grooms to Be, Save the Date

Time, Date & Location:

  • Cairnwood Estate: 1005 Cathedral Road, Bryn Athyn, PA 19009

  • Wednesday, September 14, 2016

  • 6pm – 9pm

Event Vision:

Create an event to meet the demands of grooms and best men who want to look exceptional, smart, sophisticated, and distinctive. On the evening of the event, Cairnwood will be a private showroom for fall collection for the fellows. Grooms “to-be” will be asked to come along with their significant others to enjoy and educational evening of fashion. Ulysse Toussaint will lead a StyleOgrapher Workshop showing various looks for rehearsal dinner, honeymoon, Bestman gifts.

  • “It fills a void in the wedding industry, by paying attention to the groom, it simultaneously caters to the brides as well.” -David Quatresols, Account Executive from The Knot-

Objectives and Goals:

  • Sharing the story of the Cairnwood Estate

  • Inform couples on the role colors play into your wedding photographs

  • Demonstrations of various fashion “looks and trends” including: date night attire, rehearsal dinner, wedding and honeymoon.

  • Educate grooms and his best men about: style, tailoring, the art of shaving, and care of shoes

  • Goal: Inspire the couples to reserve/book their photographer, videographer, makeup artist, and book a suiting/tux appointment with any of the participating vendors: Thomas PINK,  J. Hillburn, Nordstrom and Robert Graham the night of the event.

Workshop Focus:

  • The StyleOgrapher workshop will focus on the benefits of buying a suit vs rental, fitting.

  • Educate couples on how the camera reads patterns and colors vs. the naked eye.

  • Educational style and camera ready workshop

Event Activities:

  • Couples receive a promotional gifts for attending

  • Brides receive a full makeup tutorial sponsored by Cheekadee

  • Live engagement photo shoot in the Cairnwood Music Room courtesy of Toussaint Photography

  • Every man has a chance to win two tickets to the 2017 Worldly Whiskey Tasting at Cairnwood ($400 Value)

  • Gin, Scotch, Light Refreshments By Bacardi and Jamie Hollander Catering

  • Fashion show of Toussaint’s top pick’s on what to wear for your rehearsal dinner, anniversary, date nights and honeymoon.

Brianna  Eddie_.jpg


  • Great Hall:

    • Welcome area and promotional gifts display

  • Music Room:

    • Live engagement photoshoot & tutorials on how to pose in front of the camera in the Cairnwood Music Room courtesy of Toussaint Photography & PhilaMedia.

    • Display of Toussaint’s wedding photographs and albums to illustrate StyleOgraphy.

  • Living Room:

    • Educational style and camera ready workshop

    • Demonstration of different looks of Fall 2016: traditional tuxedo, made to measure, destination wedding, rehearsal dinner, honeymoon look and best man gifts ideas.

  • Library:

    • Signature drink by Jess Lee from Bacardi and Allen Hakini

  • Dining Room:

    • Brides to be receive a full makeup tutorial sponsored by Cheekadee


ToussaintPhotography, Thomas PINK, Robert Graham, PhilaMedia, Ambler East Living Magazine,  Emily Sciarillo from J. Hilburn, Cairnwood Estate, CG Pro Prints, MyWedding.Com, Cheekadee, #StyleOgrapher, Bacardi, Jamie Hollander Catering & Events.

Jessica + Joe

The beauty of marriage to me is when a couple can create a moment a ceremony that they call call their own. I am happy to witness some unique moments during the Jessica and Joe's wedding. The musical was exceptional from the church and her friends and family were so warm. We enjoyed the moment and congrats to you both. Cheers :) #YourWeddingIsNotADressReHERsal 

The Honorable Sharon W. Losier

What a privilege it was so the honorable Sharon W. Losier as one of the Judge in the district of Philadelphia. This is a great day for Philadelphia, woman of colors,  and Haiti. Felicitations Judge Sharon W. Losier. 


“Michelle and I were matched on eHarmony and had our first date on August 15, 2014.  We met at Rock Bottom in King of Prussia, PA.  I was always skeptical of meeting someone from an online dating site, because anyone can post fake pictures.   When I arrived at Rock Bottom, I called Michelle to let her know that I was there.  I saw a blonde woman in the distance and thought to myself,  “that would be awesome if that was Michelle.”  I saw that woman pick up her phone and knew we were off to a good start.  She was very laid back and confident during our first date, despite the fact that she had a cold and had to excuse herself from the table a few times to blow her nose.  We talked about our faith, our families, and our goals in life and I realized we were a perfect match.  The next day, I decided I wasn’t going to follow the unwritten rule of dating, “don’t call until 3 days after your first date”, and asked her to dinner the next day.  We had our first kiss on our second date.  Our third date was when I knew I had found someone special and decided to retire from the dating world and pursue Michelle more seriously.  Since then, each day has been better than the last as we have gotten to know each other more.  Her confidence, discipline, and commitment to her job, are just a few of the many things I admire about her.  I’m excited to start a life together with the perfect woman.”

The Swift Jacket from Thomas PINK

Thomas PINK is a very distinctive brand from the UK. Louis Vuitton is a parent company for Thomas PINK. There is only one location in PA and it is located at King of Prussia Mall. As a stylist I understand the importance of looking your best whatever the occasion might be. I shared some of my images during my interview in Orange County with designer and former reality TV Start, Gretchen Rossi. We are currently working on a documentary project together so stay tuned. I was accompanied by these lovely ladies who volunteered to join me during a shoot at KOP Mall. They were so kind about it, many thanks to you ladies! Fashion has it own way of connecting us with our surrounding.  If you are on the quest for a photographer who understands style, colors, who has done work with celebrities and the "Average Joe", send us an e-mail! In fact, we are happy to say we dressed up, Vice-President Joe Bidden for the 2008 Presidential Inauguration. We have done work with GQ and Glamour Magazine for King of Prussia Mall. Come visit me, Ulysse Toussaint, at Thomas PINK at the King of Prussia location to see PINK's new fall back-to-school collection. We are in the process of planning a fall styling event, feel free to contact me to get all the details. If you are a woman reading this or a bride to be, visit my friend Gretchen Christine Rossi new collection, it is DOPE! You will love what yo see on there. 

E: Info@ToussaintPhotography.Com

C: 610-818-5016


Another rendez-vous with my horse

I met JF during my friend's, Andrew and Abbey Mertz, wedding two weeks ago. He asked me to shoot his daughter's belated senior session. What a fun day it was!  I hope these pictures do justice to her personality. Enjoy the images! 

Mr. & Mrs. Mertz at The Ironstone Ranch

A question was posed to Andrew, "What do you like the most about Abbey, your new wife?"       A very simple answer, I was shocked and I expected a long answer but no, very simple: "I would say what I like most about Abbey, is that she completes me. Being with her is like how home is supposed to feel, love all the time!" -Mr. Andrew Mertz- Sometimes less is more!

Lastly, I want to thank Andrew and Abbey from the bottom of my heart for donating a cow to a family in Haiti through my 501(c)3 charity PHEEL Haiti. I told them about what I was doing at home and they called me back a month later, "Put us down for one cow." Providing a cow to a family in Haiti opens new doors to that family's future. This is what PHEEL Haiti calls sustainable service/investment, to quote President Aristide "investir dans l'humain." At the wedding Andrew's boss, Dale, heard about their generosity and he said "Make that two cows." Because of Mr. & Mrs. Mertz's gratitudes and kindness two families are about to change for the better and their kids will be able to go to school this fall. Way to go, everyone! LOVE IT! Many thanks to you and may God continue to bless this union! Join the movement #PHEELHaiti

We cannot close this chapter without saying a big thank you to the Ironstone Ranch

In you are on the quest for a photographer to shoot your next event, we're here. 

Julie & Frank at The Cairnwood Mansion

I have done lots of weddings, they are all unique their own way hands. I am have to say this place is indeed going to be engrave in my memories. Is it because I am Haitian or my love for Haitian and French literature and philosophers? It could be a combination of all. The Cairnwood is also a historic place, you should schedule a visit. spectacular and beautiful if you are looking for a nice victorian era style, this is it! Enjoy the images! 

Look Book Live Saturday Open Closets

Saturday is normally the day where GQ & Glamour Stylists have the chance to interact with the audience. The host is Sabir M Peele is wearing Thomas PINK Jacket, shirt and tie! What a killer jacket! 

Congrats to Lauren & Bryant

I met this lovely couple at the Seaport Museum bridal show on January 4th. We talked about styling Bryant for his big day. We would to wait what Toussaint's style going to do with him. I hope you enjoy the pictures as mush as I do from Old City Philadelphia. But first how do they met? Everyone has a story correct? Well here is their story.

It was a true girl meets guy situation. We lived in the same neighborhood and saw each other once in a while in passing. We were finally introduced by a mutual friend; our friendship was immediate. We went from "you're so cool" to "I don't want to be without you". We both had children from  previous relationships. Having them meet we knew our bond would go beyond just the two of us. As our love continued to flourish we welcomed our son into the world. We were growing a family without truly being a family. Bryant decided that could no longer be. With a teddy bear, earring, necklace and ring jewelry boxes he got down on one knee and asked Lauren to be his wife. On June 4, 2016 in Negril, Jamaica the Diggins family will become official. 

Andrew + Abbey

I was very happy when my friend Andrew told me he wants meet his best friend Abbey and to talk about his coming up wedding. I met Abbey and Andrew at Nordstrom cafe, it did not take long to feel there is something special about her. I had a great time working with both of you guys. I cannot wait for the wedding. 


Adia & Ben

I just want to say congrats to this lovely couple. I had a wonderful time photographing their wedding in Maryland. Enjoy & Share! 

We are now booking for 2015, find out how to win $100 VISA gift card for every referrals you sent who book a contract with us. contacting us! 

Janet + Oleg.

It was such an honor and privilege to work with such a great couple. I love the fact they pick Old city as the location to do their shoot. enjoy it! 

Bre + Evan

I was very happy to spend time with Bre and Evan at Valley Forge Park. Evan is one incredible man with a heart of gold. He served his country through the National Guard and is now serving his community as a cop. It is safe to say serving others is in his blood. I had the chance to get to know him while volunteering at RIOT at Christ Church of the Valley, Royersford, PA. On behalf of Veterans Day, congrats to you Bre and Evan. 

Though my experience with Bre is not as strong as with Evan, I do have a strong relationship with Bre's family. When the earthquake hit my country in 2010, her family went out of their way and supported my trip financially. There is no way I could ever repay them, but this is a small token of how grateful I am. When Evan's brother called me to shoot their wedding, there was no question.  There is so much more to come from this amazing couple. Toussaint Photography is now offering Video & Styling, if you need our services do not hesitate to contact us

Mr. & Mrs. Sherrill

I had the honor to work with Tania and Alex during their wedding in the city of brotherly love. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do. I was very happy to photograph this amazing couple. Here is one moment that I must share about Alex. I asked what are top five characteristics that you LOVE about your wife? He said:

  • Smile
  • Sense of humor
  • Commitment to family
  • How she keeps me in line
  • Ambition/Drive

You can now see the entire wedding here? Feel free to contact Tania & Alex to see their entire wedding gallery. Toussaint Photography is now offering Video & Styling, if you need our services do not hesitate to contact us


Now when the question was asked to Tania what are the top five elements that you LOVE the most about your husband? 

  • His sexiness
  • Strength & determination
  • His fond memory of every darn commercial :) 
  • The twinkle in his eyes
  • I love the father he is and my rock to always lean on

When do you know he was "it"?

Tania: I know Alex was it many years ago. We started dating over 11 years ago and only three months in we were sitting in my apartment with pizza, very chill and laid back... and I just knew he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. That is when the first words "I love you" were said.

If you are reading this when did you know your significant others was it? Please share with us.

Mr. & Mrs. Sherill PM.jpg

The Culture of Fashion & Wedding...

Every great photograph must be first visualized and strategized and then brought to life. I had the privilege to work with GQ & Glamour Magazine on October 4th at the King of Prussia, Simon Mall in PA. The GQ & Glamour stylists came to my store, Thomas Pink (A luxury British clothing line from Jergym Street, London) at least five times to get the right looks for the runway. Why? Because the stylists already visualized what the picture on the runway should be. Therefore, the photograph had already been captured way before the models walked down the catwalk. There was one element left and that was for the photographer(s) to snap the pictures. It was no longer an idea, but now it is complete. This is what Toussaint Photography is bringing to the table in the wedding industry. This is not a new trend at all, but how it has been done needs a makeover. We create the perfect picture for the bride and groom by selecting the right style. I have photographed enough fashion faux pas. As a model, stylist, and a photographer, I believe I am blessed and fortunate enough to remove this burden from a couple on their very special day. Every bride has their own Glamour side; every groom has their own GQ side. The question is, who will bring it out of them? Who will dare to capture it? Ulysse Toussaint is here to put this worry to rest once and for all.

Toussaint's great fashion accomplishment thus far is dressing Vice-President Joe Biden for inauguration night in 2008, working with GQ and Glamour Magazines in creating a fashion show.